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Spirit Music

Have you heard acclaimed music therapist Christine Stevens play the Native American flute or drum?

If so, you know that she plays beautifully — with the capacity to evoke within you profound feelings of peace, connection, grief, joy, and more...

She also creates a sound and mood that resonates deeply with the earth-based honoring of Indigenous music across millenia, music used for healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Behavioral science today shows that music keeps us “in tune” — by reversing damage in our cells as a result of stress — and deactivates the brain waves related to overthinking... taking us out of the mind and into the presence and authenticity of the moment.

The Native American flute and drumming, in particular, have healing powers; it soothes and gives us a sonic realignment, enveloping us in its sounds.

Today, I’d like you to Google some native American flute music and if you have a drum join in or go to Christine Stevens "Rhythms of Healing" with Drums and Native American Flute - YouTube.

Its music will speak to your heart and open you up so you can hear the message of your spirit. They are also among the most accessible instruments to play.




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