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Reiki with Cheryl

What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that harnesses the powerful life-giving energy we all possess. It promotes relaxation and resolves issues on a holistic level, promoting balance and healing in the mind, body and spirit through hands-on or distance healing.

Think of life-force energy as similar to radio waves.  To play the radio you need to tune into the frequency that you want.  Similar to Reiki, a practitioner tunes in to the energy and uses it to heal and relax the body. Reiki can partially be explained through the study of Quantum Physics where it is accepted that all matter is made up on energy and thus we are all connected to everything in the Universe.  Reiki picks up on this life-giving energy and uses it for good.  Reiki can only be used for good purposes.
Reiki is intelligent and intuitive – it seeks out the energetic imbalances in the body and provides healing.  In my own practice, Reiki has eliminated arthritic pain and stress by deeply relaxing the recipient.  Reiki can also help with grief or anxiety, and boost the immune system.
What can I expect during the session?

I will ask you if I can lay my hands on you gently to allow the Reiki to flow through me to you.  If you prefer that I do not touch you, I can just have my hands hover over you.  Both ways are effective.
You will lay down on a massage table during the session.  You will lie on your back to begin and then I will ask you to lie on your stomach for the second half of the session.  We will make sure you are very comfortable.  The session will last anywhere from 40-60 minutes, including our discussion.
Sometimes the effects of Reiki can be felt immediately and something it takes several sessions.  It is my experience that everyone feels relaxed by the end of the session.
What is your intention for the session?
Give some thought to this question prior to our meeting.  Do you want to eliminate or reduce a pain?  Do you want to reduce stress or relieve some anxiety?  I will ask you what you want me to focus on during the session.  Intention is a very important aspect of Reiki.
So now, I hope you are looking forward to your session.  I know I am.  Do call if you want to discuss anything prior to the session, otherwise there will be plenty of time to talk then.


Following are some testimonials from Cheryl's Clients, although it is important to note that everyone's experience is different and we cannot guarantee ANY outcome.

"I enjoyed the experience and the advice! I absolutely felt the positive energy for the rest of the day."- Kathy D. on distance Reiki session.

“I’m 78 years old.  I have a lot of aches and pains.  When Cheryl does Reiki on me, the pains go away, and I feel very rested like I had just had a long night’s sleep. I go to Cheryl weekly to make an impact.”
- Jim M.
"Yesterday, Cheryl gave me a much needed Reiki session.  From the quiet music to the lavender scented eye pillow, the experience was wonderful.  What surprised me is the heat my body generated as the Chakras became unblocked - especially around the throat and stomach.
After the session, Cheryl coached me on how to use the tapping technique described in her book.  I will use this as I work on my anxiety issues and feelings of disconnectedness."
-Pat S.
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