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I'm the Creator of Facing Life Challenges: The Blog and the Book


Hi, I'm Cheryl!

My book, Facing Life Challenges: The ABCs of One Woman's Journey to Heal Her Heart, was written during the COVID 19 pandemic when I had time to have a spiritual morning routine that sustained me through the difficult time of isolation and inspired me to put my experiences and learnings in writing.

During this morning time of introspection, I found myself struggling with a common theme, how to strengthen my relationship with my son. I have also struggled for many years with bi-polar disorder, which adversely affected my parenting.  My goal in writing this blog is to provide some techniques on how to deal with a challenging situation or relationship. Some of these tips are useful to me now and others I wished I would have had when it all began 20 years ago. Perhaps, I hope, that they will give comfort to others who are struggling with a challenging relationship, diagnosis or situation.

Inspired through prayer and meditation, and the plethora of books I have read, I hope to put into writing some advice and techniques to use to stay sane. Inspiration came from books including Mary Magdalene Revealed, Rise Sister Rise, Miracles Now, Super Attractor, A Course In Miracles Made Easy plus the fabulous women in the bi-monthly Sacred Women’s Circle and Rise Sister Rise group sessions I attend.

This blog include tips and techniques to help you deal with stressful situations. I recommend that you simply set aside 7 minutes either before anyone else wakes up in the morning or after they have gone to bed. Make this your YOU time. Try a different tip every day but stick to your 7-minute timeframe at first to avoid adding more stress to your life. Why 7 minutes? It is proven, that most people can easily work 7 minutes into their lives.

Seven minutes does not sound like much time, but it can be a beginning of a meaningful commitment to yourself. Eighty nine percent of people surveyed express feeling high levels of stress. The last thing I want to do is cause you stress over finding time to reduce stress! So, start with 7 minutes.

Wayne Dyer wrote, “You’ll come to find that anything you must have comes to own you. The funny thing is, when you release it, you start getting more of it.” 

Facing Life Challenges

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Facing Life Challenges



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