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Self Care

Self care to me means starting my day in prayer and meditation and gratitude. It means eating my vegetables and protein shake everyday. It means staying in touch with my son but not to a point of obsession or stifliing him. It means caring for those less fortunate by sending letters to shut ins, strangers who my pastor says would love some correspondence. It means showing my love to my husband and not taking him for granted. My struggle with self-care was mostly when I was working full-time. The clock dictated my time and I felt a great deal of guilt when spending time thinking or nurturing myself. Sometimes I still struggle to take the time for self care and get carried away with care of others, paying bills or when writing becomes a chore.

Is self-care selfish? I don’t believe self-care is selfish, I believe it is necessary to live a full life. And self-care to me includes care of others as it is an innate need to love your neighbors (and family) as yourself. Sometimes these definitions of self care can be overwhelming however. Making time to journal or go for a contemplative walk can become one more stressful thing on a long to do list. April Yamasaki author of Four Gifts: Seeking self-care for heart, soul, mind and strength had this to say: “The bigger picture is..we have a God who cares for us. Instead of focusing narrowly on caring for myself, I can cast all my cares on God who cares for me and cares for all of us. Surprise, surprise! Everyone and everything does not depend on me, and that includes self-care.” What about you? "Self care" is in the news alot. Is it actually trendy? Do you make time for self-care everyday? How do you practice self-care, especially when facing life challenges?



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