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Ho' oponopono

According to Ho’oponopono Chronicle website, “One of the most important things to achieve in life, is to free yourself from everything that is not Love, from everything that is not You. This means freeing yourself from problems, anger, hatred, frustration, sadness, illness, jealousy, intolerance, … these things are not you…These are old poisonous memories hiding in your subconscious.”

Ho’oponopono is a process that frees the Self from a burden, but also allows it to become again what it was, a reflection of Love and Light. Ho' oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer that is covered in my book but I think it’ worth repeating here.

Today write in your journal or pray silently meditating on these four lines of Ho’ oponopono:

I am sorry Please forgive me Thank You I Love You.

I'm sorry. With this prayer, we are recognizing when we have not put LOVE first and for seeing the glass half empty. We are asking forgiveness for not seeing the sunshine, but only the clouds.

Please forgive me. This prayer focuses on the energy of forgiveness. (See F is for Forgiveness chapter in my book). Maybe there are things you just wish you had handled differently. Get them off your chest and forgive yourself, for God has already forgiven you.

Thank you. For this you are thanking the universal energy/God for the many beautiful blessings you have in your life. Perhaps it’s family, friends or nature. You know in your heart what touches your being. And gratitude practices have been shown to even have physical benefits for you.

I Love You. This prayer reminds us that we are in alignment with love and that everything in the universe is made up of the energy of love.

This prayer can be done anytime, but especially try it when you are facing life challenges to give you some relief.


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