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“Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.”

― Benjamin Franklin

In my study on mindfulness, I found two chapters worth noting here. They are on finding happiness in your life mindfully.

“While living in this world is far from being perfect and there will always be times when you will feel the weight on your shoulders, it must not stop you from being happy…happiness is actually a choice, not something that just “happens.” You, and not other people, will decide when you will be happy. Being happy is a matter of will. If you willed yourself to be happy, then, there is no reason for you not to find that happiness,” as noted in Natura’s course, Mindfully Empowered Happiness.

Just by being aware of your emotions and feelings, you can choose happiness. When things happen that bring you down, just be with them in the moment. Recognize them for what they are: negative thoughts and choose better ones.

I read somewhere that staying with a negative thought for 90 seconds and just recognizing it for what it is, a negative thought, you can change your mindset. Just breath into it with long deep breaths and steer your mind toward more pleasant thoughts.

This may take some practice and remember that’s why mindfulness is called a meditation “practice.” It is not a matter of being perfect at it, it is simply a matter of putting time aside each day to do it.

As the Natura course summarizes:

The primary ingredients for you to obtain real happiness are:

Recognize that your emotions and thoughts are not “you” in essence for these are just products of the mind which can come and go as they please.

Never categorically abandon short-time pleasures but be more selective in opting for long term happiness over the short term pleasures every time you feel the need to choose.

Consider your heart as the instrument that will guide you in making the right choices which will help you in finding happiness for long term.

Try to give your mind some undistracted rest and time. Set aside some time in your calendar for peace of mind that can be used for contemplation and creating new spaces within your mind.

As my theme song says, “Don’t worry be happy.” And my favorite bit of Bible trivia: Be Not Afraid is in the Bible 365 times…once for everyday.

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