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Embracing Your "Too Much"

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

One of my favorite self reflecting books is Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell. In it she challenges you to find your gifts and it may be in something people say you’re “too much of”. For example, if people have told you your entire life that you’re too sensitive maybe this is your true strength that you should embrace.

She had this to say about it: “Say you are someone who is “too sensitive.” Perhaps you are drained by crowds and being around other people constantly and thus crave free time on your own. Perhaps when you don’t give yourself this solitude, you are quite grumpy, people call you selfish or rude.

“But what if this so-called weakness was actually your strength,” she went on to say, “What if this craving for solitude was actually your medicine? What if by giving yourself the medicine that you so much crave you stumble upon your true gift to the world.”

She asks you to answer three questions:

What are you “too much” of? This is your unique strength.

What does your unique strength demand from you in order to nurture it? This is your unique medicine.

How can you realign your life so that your medicine could be alchemized into medicine for the world? This is your gift to the world.

What is your gift to the world?


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