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30 Weeks of Energy Wellness

I've been challenged to write my Monthly Musings for 30 weeks on Energy Wellness. Why Energy? The power of our own energy and light has been around for thousands of years. I believe it can be looked at in many different ways including the energy that allows us to bring relaxation and healing through Reiki and the energy of our minds that allow for manifestations and synchronicities in our lives. In fact, you might not understand it so much as "energy" but you might call it prayer, God, Universe or Spirit.

A good friend of mine, Kari, lead me to the Bible for more references on the power of energy. In Greek the word for activity or "working" is energemata...the origin of the word energy. So in 1 Corinthians 12:10 it says there are a variety of spiritual gifts including the "working of miracles"...might this be by energy? In Luke 8:46, Jesus says he felt "power" go out from him to the woman who touched his robes. In Aramaic the word is Chayla which means vibration.

Perhaps I'm getting a little esoteric here, but I wanted to give you a little background into the title for the next 30 weeks. Whether you believe in your own energy or in the power of prayer, I hope you find these weekly musings interesting. Do let me know if you want to discuss further.

Week one: Spiritually Aligned Action Method

I’ve read several books and listened to podcasts on the Law of Attraction, but I had limited success to manifest my desires using their methods. Reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Super Attractor, brought new light to the process that resonates with me. (Note: God and Universe can be used interchangeably in this article.)

Gabby outlined four steps in what she calls the Spiritually Aligned Action Method.

Step 1: Describe your desire in a journal but not just any desire. It should be backed by inspiration. Remember that asking for something that brings YOU joy does not have to be selfish. When you are joyful, you make the world joyful, and this might be the higher good you’re looking for.

Step 2. Believe in your heart that the Universe will deliver your desire. (The Universe has your back, she wrote.) Meditate or pray every day on your desire and write in your journal about how it lights you up. Dream about it. Visualize it. Pray about it.

Step 3 With inspiration and service feeding your desire, you are ready to take action, which can be an awesome feeling, upbeat and effortless. Take the first step in your desire. Maybe it is making a phone call to someone you admire for advice. Maybe it is signing up for a class. As soon as you feel aligned with your desire, develop a plan and take the first step.

Step 4: Be patient. The Universe has a sense of humor and a different set of timing than we may desire. Stand back and let it happen. It will be a still soft voice leading the way, so subtle you might not recognize it at first. But when you do, it will be a big “ah ha” moment for you and trigger awe.

Step 5. (My additional step) Give gratitude. Thank God for fulfilling your desire, giving you a lesson or reimagining your goal with something even greater than you imagined.

Journal prompts

Do you have a desire that you want to manifest? Does it inspire you to try this technique? Do you see this technique any differently than prayer? To me they are quite similar.

In your journal, write what desire would bring you great joy. Who would help make it real for you? Visualize it. Dream about it. Make it real in your mind. I did this in anticipation of my early retirement. I could see it and feel it. And then it happened just as I dreamed.

I hope you find success as well.


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