How Are Your Thoughts Today?

I have a framed picture of Buddha with this saying, “What we think, we become.” I use it as an anchor as I mindfully meditate and become more aware of my thoughts…especially my negative thoughts. I’ll think I’m doing pretty well and then a negative comment from someone and I grow a fiery pointed tail and hot red horns. So I guess I have a long way to go. As I’ve mentioned before, mindfulness meditation is a practice and that is indeed what I need to do more of.

Here's what I’ve learned so far:

“What we think, we become,” is a reminder to monitor our thoughts and realize that 1) we are not our thoughts, 2) we can discipline and have control over our thoughts and 3) by becoming more mindful of our thoughts we have power and recognize our responsibility in choosing how to act or respond in relation to them.”

I plan to teach another Introduction to Mindfulness class later this year, if you’re interested just email me at

Journal prompt:

How do you keep from letting the fiery dragon of negative thoughts control your life?

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