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Meet Cheryl

I started this journey for Facing Life Challenges to provide tips to help stressed out Moms like I was when I was bringing up my son and dealing with my own mental health issues, which adversely affected my parenting.  But my musings and advice could serve anyone trying to find themselves…find their souls…in a fast-paced world of never-ending deadlines and schedules.  It’s a challenge for those struggling to find themselves in other’s neediness, whether it’s your children, your partner, aging parents or friends.  If you’re trying to hold it all together and craving to just have some  time for yourself to think and spiritually rejuvenate, I wrote the Facing Life Challenges blog and books for you.

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Mindfulness, Meditation and Everything in Between for

Facing Life Challenges

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Go to Facing Life Challenges:  The ABCs of One Woman's Journey to Healing Her Heart.   on Amazon for tips and techniques on dealing with stressful situations or challenging people.  This book was written during the pandemic for anyone experiencing a challenging life.  Everything from Tapping to Qi Gong, Meditation and Prayer are covered with the promise that it will take only 7 minutes to feel the results.

Review:  Cheryl Porior-Mayhew has created an oasis. Written in the pandemic when the world is in chaos, she brings us hope and tools. Each letter of the alphabet gave me a place to stop, to reflect, to journal, to learn. I am thrilled this book came my way. Enjoy the bliss, as she remembers that it is in life's challenges that we grow.  - MH Conroy

In this journal, Cheryl plays off the chapters from her book, which includes journal prompts.  In Facing Life Challenges. Your Journal To Healing Your Heart, she goes one step further with new questions and exercises. There is also a full color version.

Some of the concepts in the journal may require a little research by the writer but that's part of the intent.  Cheryl wants you to dig into the topics and gain new insights and ideas and write about them.  Like her, she hopes you will find the experience rewarding, insightful and thought provoking.


Join Cheryl on Zoom for a relaxing healing Reiki energy session including an EFT demonstration and more to help when Facing Life Challenges. Schedule the session by emailing Cheryl at and she will give you all the details. (Cheryl will also perform Reiki in person at Province Community in Maricopa, AZ.)


Reiki is an energy healing modality. Think of it as activating the acupuncture points of your body but without the needles. Cheryl can perform the Reiki treatment in person or at a distance.  Clients generally leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Learn more about what to expect and read testimonials.

Interactive Speaker

Looking for a speaker?  Book Cheryl and your audience will learn some tips and techniques to help them stay sane when facing life challenges. She will cover everything from meditation and prayer to the creation of a sacred space and Tapping (EFT).  It will be an interactive session and your group will leave relaxed and inspired to find some peace in their lives as your facing life challenges.  Perfect speaker for book clubs, church groups, senior centers, or service organizations. To learn more, contact Cheryl at

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Wellness Coach

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”


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